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Agricultural Cooperative of Thessaly

The agricultural cooperative of Thessaly “THESGI” is located in Larisa city, which is in a traditionally agricultural area of Greece. Founded in 2013 by a small team of ambitious farmers, the cooperative has managed the last six years to grow to over 3,300 hectares. The main products produced by the farmers - members are cereals, legumes, cotton and vegetables. The cooperative is vertical integrated through processing their cereals to offer highly differentiated flour products within the Greek market. The cooperative has set up a business process to provide its members with agricultural supplies, such as fertilisers, seeds and pesticides, in order to lower the cost of production and target the quality that is needed by the market. Specialized agronomists support the farmers during the cultivation of their fields. The production is sold to other cooperatives and companies through contractual farming.


Role in the project

THESGI is mainly involved in Work Package 3 (Synthesis of production-related knowledge). Member of the Actor Group LegumesForFish

Staff involved

  • Orestis Rizos, member Actor Group ‘LegumesForFish’



41 335, Larisa


Orestis Rizos

Tel:+30 6930 900 230

Zoi Mpaltatzi
Tel:+30 2410 579 904

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