July 2021

Notice: This project website provides the basic information about the project and its formal outputs while the project is running. In addition, we are now providing all project results through the Legume Hub – Europe’s knowledge platform for legumes. In addition to the project results, the Legume Hub provides a wide range publications compiled within the Legumes Translated thematic network and by the wider Legume Hub community.

Practice notes

Legumes Translated practice notes are designed to provide easy access to knowledge on specific themes in the production and use of legume crops. The range of practice notes will increase as the project progresses. 

Practice notes list

PN1   Inoculation of soybean seed, in English, Romanian and French

PN2   Inter-row cultivation in soybean, in English

PN3   Biological nitrogen fixation in legumes, in English

PN4   Cultivation of white lupin, in English and German

PN5   Alternatives to soya for dairy cows, in English

PN6   Feeding faba bean to dairy cows, in English

PN7   Feeding pea to dairy cows, in English

PN8   Establishing high-yielding faba bean, in English

PN9   Precision sowing of soybean, in English

PN10 Feeding quality of pea for poultry, in English

PN11 Sowing time for soybean, in English 

PN12 Lucerne in north-western Europe, in English

PN13 Southern green shield bug in soybean, in English

PN14 Growing lucerne in cool climates, in English

PN15 The painted lady in soybean production, in English

PN16 Growing spring-sown pea in south-east Europe, in English

PN17 Intercropping of grain pea with cereals, in English


Here you find the access to the practice notes of the main themes of the Legumes Translated project: 

15796135_small soybean on plant close up