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Leader: Leopold Rittler, Donau Soja

This transition network is focused on increasing the production of European legumes as feed for poultry production. It is composed of three actor groups involved in poultry-based value-chains:


  • Europe Soya Value Chain Development Group

  • German Bean and Pea Network

  • Bulgarian Legumes Network


In many regions within Europe, a gap between grain legume production and consumption has evolved. In eastern European countries such as Croatia, Romania or Bulgaria, regionally-grown grain legumes are not widely used in local poultry production. More attention should be given to factors that deliver the best quality of nutrients to poultry; measures to incorporate more regional grain legumes into the production chain; and the presentation of the effects of using regional grain legumes to replace soymeal imported from overseas. 


The Poultry Transition Network is focused on compiling knowledge on the efficient use of regionally grown grain legumes. Seminars and workshops on poultry farming will be organized to exchange experiences and knowledge from different European contexts.  


The network aims to enhance farmer’s and producer’s understanding of the economics of grain legume production, crop variety, feed ration planning, and feed quality in poultry farming, to better guide them in their decision making. The Poultry Transition Network will work clsely with the Pigmeat and the Dairy and beef transition networks on feed economics.  

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