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Leader: Jürgen Recknagel


This transition network is focused on increasing the production of soy in Europe. It is composed of eight actor groups involved in soy-based value-chains:


  • Brandenburg Farmers’ Network

  • German Soybean Association

  • Schwaebisch Hall Producers

  • Swiss Soy Network

  • Europe Soya Value Chain Development Group

  • Soybean Cultivation Group in South-East Europe

  • Bulgarian Legumes Network

  • Irish Grain Legumes Group


The production of soy is steadily growing in many European countries. However, insufficient processing and logistical infrastructure is currently hindering the development of soy production. This hinders trade between eastern and western Europe. If soy production is to increase in Europe, more collaboration on multiple levels is required to guide farmers and advisors in feed- and food-based value chains.


This transition network aims to compile useful information and know-how on soybean production, using the knowledge available to the consortium, complementing this with field days and workshops. The main challenges are related to crop management and making soybean production cost effective for farmers.    


The goal of the Soy Transition Network is to support and promote soybean production, especially in eastern and central Europe. It works closely with the Poultry, the Pigmeat and the Dairy and beef Transition Networks to support innovative feeding solutions using regional soymeal, which can be instrumental in driving soybean production in Europe. The network also works closely with the Cool-season grain legumes Transition Network to identify ways to integrate soy in cropping systems. The compiled knowledge is based on agronomic, economic and environmental data, highlighting the potential of soy in different food and feed based value-chains.

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