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The AgroBioInstitute (ABI), at the Agricultural Academy is the leading research centre in Bulgaria for plant and agro-biotechnologies. ABI works under national agricultural policy by conducting fundamental and applied research and related activities in the field of modern agriculture and wider bioeconomy. The Institute conducts multidisciplinary research with associated knowledge exchange for intensifying the breeding of crops which are economically important in Bulgaria. The institute has state-of-the-art research equipment and know-how for application of modern experimental methods and approaches. ABI is accredited for training PhD students in the fields of Genetics, and Plant Protection.

Role in the project

ABI leads Actor Group No. 1 ‘Bulgarian Legumes Network’, which works to optimise legume production and translate innovative knowledge and data about local grain and forage legume varieties: yield, quality/chemical composition, amino acid and secondary metabolite profile, processing and use of feed on farm level and assessing valuable ecological impact. This work includes some field and experimental investigations. On a project level, ABI leads Task 2.2.

Staff involved

  • Anelia Iantcheva


Anelia Iantcheva

Tel: +359 885 13 64 13

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