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Arvum Seed Technology

Seed Technology is a leading cereal, pulse and oilseed wholesale seed company in Ireland. We are one of the leading producers of commercial grade (C1) cereal seed in Ireland and the only producer of F1 hybrid winter barley seed and F1 hybrid oilseed rape, mainly for export markets.


Seedtech represents the main European faba bean/pea breeders in Ireland. These include NPZ, Limagrain, Laboult and Agri-obtensions. Seedtech tests elite lines of faba beans at its own private trial grounds, and produce, under contract, approx. 60% of the Irish faba bean seed market requirements. This offers an excellent insight into Irish faba bean market requirements, seed production techniques and elite growers who produce seed for sale. The yield of faba bean in Ireland is approx. 7 t/ha with farm yields often exceeding 9 t/ha. Some pests such as bruchid Beetle which can reduce marketability of faba beans are largely absent from the Ireland.


Role in the project

AST curates information and data on this exceptional performance within Actor Group 11 (The Irish Protein Crops Group) and contributes to the relevant transition networks (Cool-season Legumes, and Dairy and Beef).


Staff involved

  • Tim O'Donovan

  • Grace O’ Dwyer


Tim O'Donovan


Waterford X91 V6YR


Tel: +353 51 832814

Mob: +353 87 9182484

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