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Donal Murphy-Bokern

Donal Murphy-Bokern is an independent agricultural scientist with a background in participatory research, agricultural knowledge and innovation systems, agricultural systems research, public sector research strategy and management, and public policy. He has worked as an agricultural scientist since 1985 in Ireland, the United Kingdom and Germany. He has worked extensively with the European Commission since 2007 as an independent scientist in the management and evaluation of EU funded programmes. He has worked on the development of legume-supported cropping systems since 2009.

Role in the project

As science coordinator, Donal Murphy-Bokern represents the consortium and chairs the Executive Committee and the Innovation Group. He supports integration across the whole project and coordinates all scientific and technical matters in close contact with all partners.


Donal Murphy-Bokern

Lindenweg 12, 49393 Lohne


Tel: +49 4442 802190

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