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Donau Soja GmbH

Donau Soja is a non-profit membership-based organisation headquartered in Vienna and founded in 2012. Its mission is to promote a more sustainable supply and use of protein in Europe. To achieve this, its work includes supporting the sustainable production of soy in Europe and the building of viable, legume-based value chains. Supported by its own soybean quality standards, DS provides a foundation for the production of high quality, safe origin, certified food and feed soy in Europe. It is a Europe-wide, multi-actor organisation involving all participants along the value-chain (farmers unions, feed producers, livestock enterprises, supermarket chains and traders), NGOs and public bodies such as regional authorities. Government Ministries in 14 countries of the Danube Region support Donau Soja through the Donau Soja declaration. In addition to the commitment by the Danube Region countries, since in 2017, 19 European countries signed the Europe Soya Declaration and committed their support to increased production of legume crops for food and feed.

Role in the project

Donau Soja is leading work package 2 (Leading the science and innovation work) and is also involved in work package 6 (Communications and impact). It leads the Transition Network Poultry and the Actor Group Soybean Cultivation Group in South-Eastern Europe.

Staff involved

  • Leopold Rittler, leader transition network Poultry, co-leader Actor Group Soybean Cultivation Group in South-Eastern Europe

  • Dragos Dima, co-leader Actor Group Soybean Cultivation Group in South-Eastern Europe

  • Ina Jäger, Secretariat; website and other communication matters

  • Matthias Krön, Executive Committee


Leopold Rittler

Wiesingerstrasse 6/14, 1010 Vienna, Austria

Tel: +43 1 512 17 44 20

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