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Legumes as food

Here you can find all videos regarding legumes for human consumption. Further videos will be featured here and in our YouTube channel.

Soya cultivation for tofu

In this video, Taifun agricultural engineers explain what is particularly important when growing soybeans for tofu production - from the choice of variety to harvesting and processing.

Protein crops for Scotland

In this video, Robin Walker from Scotland Rural College (SRUC) provides an overview of the latest developments and opportunities in testing protein crops as feed and food in Scotland.

ZDF - hub for information on pulses

In this video, Juergen Recknagel from LTZ Augustenberg provides an overview of the possibilities of legume in cuisine. Whether lentil soup, lupine schnitzel or pea stew: once notorious as a poor man's food, pulses have returned to the food scene. Regular consumption can even protect against diabetes and cancer.

Make your own tofu in the traditional Japanese way

In this video, tofu master, Mariko Kaufmann, shows how you can make tofu - step by step providing:

  1. Overview of process and ingredients

  2. Prepare nigari (curdling agent)

  3. Blend soybeans to make soymilk

  4. Boil soy milk

  5. Add nigari

  6. Prepare mold

  7. Shape tofu

  8. Excursus Okara

  9. Conclusion and summary

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