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LegumesForFish consists of three members:

  • NIREUS Group, Fully integrated aquaculture group and the leading company in the production and trade of Mediterranean aquaculture

  • THESGI, a dynamic agricultural cooperative of young farmers that cultivate and aggregate the production of 3,300 hectares in the region of Thessaly &

  • The Department of Biochemistry & Biotechnology, University of Thessaly (UTH), which will support the qualitative control of legumes to be used in fish feeds.

LegumesForFish promotes the inclusion of legumes in sustainable cropping systems for use in the production of fish feeds. In Legumes Translated, the group will develop a prototype value chain and aspires to develop a transition path to overcome specific constraints and dependency of European fish farming on imported raw materials of plant origin of varying availability, quality and price.


Responsible organisation

NIREUS Aquaculture


Dimitris Barkas

Tel:+30 693 66 98 467   


Leonidas Papaharisis

Tel:+30 693 66 98 257


1st km. Koropiou-Varis Ave. 194 00 Koropi-Attica


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