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Hessen Department of Agricultural Affairs (LLH)

The Hessen Department of Agriculture Affairs (LLH) is Hessen’s  official organisation for all agriculture- and horticulture-related topics. The LLH is charged with the task of providing independent information to farmers and growers, as well as policymakers and other interested parties in the federal state of Hessen. The LLH is also a service provider for federal government (e.g. Federal Report on Agriculture). Services range from personal advice to advisory faxes, from working groups and internet resources to print media and information events. It is important to us that Hessen’s farmers obtain a good income operating on a basis of best practice while limiting negative impacts on natural resources for the benefit of succeeding generations.

The LLH is actively engaged in the Federal Government’s Protein Crops Strategy, being part of Actor Group ‘German Soybean Network' and leading Actor Group No. 8 ‘German Pea and Bean Network’


Role in the project

For Legumes Translated the LLH will provide information on the cultivation and use of grain legumes. As leader of Actor Group No. 8 ‘German Pea and Bean Network’ the LLH also functions as a contact platform.

Staff involved


Thorsten Haase

Kölnische Straße 48-50

34117 Kassel

Tel: +49 561 7299338

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