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Legumes in pig and poultry farming

Here you can find all videos regarding the legumes in pig and poultry farming.

Toasting soya on your own farm


Soybeans are an excellent source of protein for human consumption as well as animal feed. However, they also contain digestive inhibitors which must be deactivated by heat treatment before consumption. The toasting of soybeans is a possible method for this. This video shows how the processing of soybeans works on the farm of Johannes Edhofer. He cultivates and processes the soy himself and feeds it to his laying hens on his farm. 

Peas in pig feed


Martin Hanselmann runs a part-time farm in Kerleweck, Germany. He raises Swabian-Haellian fattening pigs and markets them through the Schwäbisch Hall farmers' producer association. He grows much of the feed on his own farmland. For 550 fattening places with attached piglet rearing. The arable land is cultivated with barley, wheat, corn, triticale and peas. The pea is a welcome balance in the crop rotation. The share of peas in pig feed, in finishing and medium fattening, is five percent. In this video, Martin Hanselmann shares his experiences growing and feeding peas to pigs.

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