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Practice meets research - DemoNet Erbse Bohne online event report available

For five years now, Legumes Translated actor group 'German Pea and Bean Network', or the pea/bean demonstration network (DemoNetErBo), has been working with agricultural demonstration farms, research and consulting institutions and various partners along the value chain within the framework of the nationwide protein plant strategy to expand and improve the cultivation and processing of peas and beans. In parallel to the pea/bean demonstration network, urgent questions concerning the cultivation and processing of grain legumes are being addressed in several research projects and new knowledge is being generated.

Together with many actors from practice and research, DemoNetErBo hosted an online event on 28.10.2020 and presented current results from the network and research projects within the framework of the protein plant strategy. 150 participants listened to the interesting presentations of topics. These included agricultural factors for successful cultivation, biodiversity services or the economic evaluation of pea and field bean cultivation. Interesting results on the use of peas and field beans in feed and food were presented by speakers in the second part of the online conference.

Below, the Praxis trifft Forschung event (in German) report is linked.

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