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Creating value from legumes international webinar - now available on YouTube

On November 2, 2020 a suite of experts from Germany, Denmark, Austria, and Finland presented examples and insights on improving and expanding the use of legumes in Europe. The webinar also featured a workshop where models for enhancing and strengthening legume-based value chains in Finland were discussed. The event was recorded and is now available for watching on YouTube.

Legumes Translated Actor Group in Finland, Ground for Growth, in cooperation with Legumes for sustainable food system and healthy life (LEG4LIFE), Eating and energy use reconfigured (EE-TRANS) and Climate change mitigation and adaptation in Finnish agriculture - coordination project (VILLE) hosted this online event.

The video (in English, with parts in Finnish) and a blog post proceeding the event from the LEG4LIFE project (in Finnish) are linked below.

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