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Happy World Pulses Day from Legumes Translated!

World Pulses Day reminds us of the importance of pulses in our diets and cropping systems.

The Legumes Translated project aims to increase the production and use of grain legume crops in Europe as part of an overall change in how protein is sourced and used in the region. We believe that grain legume production must increase and contribute to 'mainstream' food and feed value chains.

Building on the International Year of Pulses' success in 2016 led by Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the United Nations General Assembly designated 10 February as World Pulses Day. We would like to take this opportunity to celebrate this day and acknowledge the opportunity to raise awareness of the nutritional benefits of pulses and their contribution to more sustainable cropping and food systems.

What makes pulses unique?

  • They are very nutritious (low fat, high protein, low glycemic index, high dietary fibre, and more) and contribute to food security,

  • Affordable alternative to animal protein,

  • Pulses produce high protein seeds for food and feed, high protein forages, and contribute to soil fertility,

  • Pulses enrich agrobiodiversity above and below the ground

  • They optimize the use of fertilizers because they supply themselves with a large share of the nitrogen and further enrich the soil with fixed nitrogen, improving soil health,

  • They are the cornerstone of many sustainable cropping systems,

  • And much more...

Take some time on this World Pulses Day to read through some of our practice notes, which provide easy access to knowledge on specific themes in the production and use of legume crops. Or maybe watch some of our videos, covering cross-cutting themes, from the production of legume crops to their use as animal feed and human food.

The FAO also features attractive, informative information on their World Pulses Day website, linked below.

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From the FAO World Pulses Day website

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