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Lupin cultivation - Success with new varieties, Legumes Translated ninth video published

Our ninth video - 'Lupin cultivation - Success with new varieties' is available on the Legume Hub YouTube channel. The video is available is German with subtitles in English and Hungarian.

After the cultivation of white lupines was no longer possible for a long time due to the fungal disease anthracnose, hope is restored thanks to the new varieties 'Frida' and 'Sulimo'. Christine Arncken from FiBL presents the cultivation of white lupins under organic conditions and present encouraging results from her field trials.

More information Contact Christine Arncken-Karutz, Research Institute of Organic Agriculture, FiBL, Departement of Crop Sciences, christine.arncken(at) Weblinks Ninth Legumes Translated Video: 'Lupin cultivation - Success with new varieties' Photos From the 'Lupin cultivation - Success with new varieties' video

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