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Second Legumes Translated video published

Aktualisiert: 7. Mai 2020

The second video ‘On-farm soy processing’, published on the Legumes Translated Youtube channel, provides a demonstration of the processing of soybeans on the farm of Johannes Edhofer, in Sankt Pöllten, Austria.

The video, which was produced by Donausoja and FiBL, is available in German with English subtitles. It is the result of a collaboration of the Projects Legumes Translated and OK-Net EcoFeed. OK-Net Ecofeeed aims to help organic pig and poultry farmers in achieving the goal of 100% use of organic and regional feed.

Soybeans are an excellent source of protein for human and animal consumption however, they also contain digestive inhibitors that must be deactivated by heat treatment before consumption. Toasting soybeans is one possible method for doing this. Johannes Edhofer cultivates and processes soybean himself and feeds it to his laying hens on his farm.

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Leopold Rittler, Donau Soja: rittler(at)


Second Legumes Translated Video: 'On-farm soy processing'


From the 'On-farm soy processing' video.

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