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'Sowing into Mulch: spring-sown crops' video published

'Sowing into Mulch: spring-sown crops' is now available on the Legume Hub YouTube channel.The video is available is German with subtitles in German, English and French.

The video was produced by the Landwirtschaftskammer Oberoesterreich and Boden.Wasser.Schutz Beratung. Directly seeding into mulch is a planting method in which the seeds are sown into mulched plant residues. The aim of mulch seeding is to achieve largely continuous erosion control of the soil throughout the year. Non-inversion tillage is utilised, which only works on the surface of the soil, protecting the soil structure. Learn more about these practices with the video, linked below.

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Leopold Rittler, Donau Soja, rittler(at)


Legumes Translated Video: 'Sowing into Mulch: spring-sown crops'


From the 'Sowing into Mulch: spring-sown crops' video

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