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Scotland’s Rural College

Scotland’s Rural College (SRUC) is a knowledge-based organisation that supports the development of land-based industries and rural communities. SRUC is unique in Scotland and one of the largest organisations of its kind in Europe. It combines research, education and knowledge interaction/agricultural innovation functions.

SRUC has several well-established, relevant research themes including: (i) devising sustainable farming systems with improved environmental quality and crop and animal performance; and (ii) land economy, environment and society. It places a high priority on knowledge transfer and has a close working relationship with the farming industry; for example, it is in contact with around 80% of Scotland’s farmers through SAC Consulting Solutions. SRUC staff has extensive experience of successful involvement with European Framework projects (e.g. Legume Futures, Animal Change, Greengrass, NitroEurope).


Role in the project

In Legumes Translated, SRUC manages the UK (Scotland) Actor Group Number 12 which is the SAC Dairy Protein Group, and is leading the Dairy & Beef Transition Network.

SRUC is the lead partner for Work Package 3 (Synthesis of production knowledge).


Staff involved

  • Richard Dewhurst

  • Robin Walker

  • Kairsty Topp

  • Lorna MacPherson

  • Jennifer Flockhart


Christine Watson

Ferguson Building, Craibstone Estate, Bucksburn

Aberdeen, AB21 9YA

United Kingdom

Tel: +44 1224 711143

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