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University of Helsinki

The University of Helsinki, established in 1640, is the most broad-based research university in Finland, with 35,000 students and 8,300 employees. It is in the top 100 universities in every worldwide ranking. It is the only university in Finland with teaching and research in the agricultural sciences. The Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry and the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences, both located at the Viikki campus, participate in this project.  


Role in the project

The University of Helsinki will play a leading role in the development of the project’s transition networks. It will also lead the Food Transition Network and collaborate with the Cool-season legume grains Transition Network, together with the Finnish Actor Group Ground for Growth.

Staff involved

  • Kristina Lindström

  • Fred Stoddard

  • Tuula Sontag-Strohm

  • Casimir Schauman (project officer)


Viikinkaari 1, 00790 Helsinki


Kristina Lindström

Tel: +358 504160289


Casimir Schauman 

Tel:+358 503119291

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