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Legumes Translated supports production and use of grain legumes (‘protein crops’). As a thematic network, it helps farmers benefit from relevant research, particularly research funded by the European Union. This addresses how we obtain and use protein which is a fundamental factor in  the resilience, performance and acceptance of our farming systems. Legumes Translated is part of the European Innovation Partnership for Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability (EIP Agri). The consortium comprises 18 partners in 9 countries with 15 local innovation groups (Actor groups).


Even though legumes such as soybean, faba bean and pea are high in protein and essential to global food supplies, they account for only about 3% of the arable area in the European Union. As a result, there is a deficit of plant protein in Europe, especially to feed livestock. As a result the EU  imports the equivalent of about 36 million tonnes of soybeans each year.  This soy  is associated with deforestation and other environmental and social problems. Concern about this is stimulating the development of alternative value chains. In addition, interest in producing grain legumes is growing because specialized European cereal-based cropping systems are increasingly under strain from weeds, pests and diseases. So the demand for more diverse cropping systems with more high-protein crops is increasing, both from farmers and consumers. Legumes fix nitrogen from the air and improve soil quality. They are particularly good at breaking the buildup of diseases and weeds that affect other crop types. 

Legumes Translated is coordinated by Jens Dauber at the Thuenen Institute in Germany. Working closely with Donau Soja in Austria, Donal Murphy-Bokern in Germany leads the work as the scientific coordinator.  Christine Watson in the UK leads the networking of innovators and research-based partners. The project runs from November 2018 until October 2021.


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