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'Production of soybean seeds' video published

'Production of soybean seeds' is now available on the Legume Hub YouTube channel.The video is available in German, with English and French subtitles.

The use of high-quality seed is particularly important for the success of a soybean crop. In this video, the experts from Centre for Agricultural Technology Augustenberg (LTZ) explain what to look for in soybean seed production. The video outline is:

1. Introduction

2. Seeding, location, and variety selection.

3. The right threshing

4. The quick soaking test to determine seed quality

5. The importance of crop management

6. The Diaporthe Phomopsis Complex

7. The preparation of the seed

8. Legal aspects

More information Contact Jürgen Recknagel, juergen.recknagel(at)

Weblinks Legumes Translated Video on YouTube: 'Production of soybean seeds'

Photos From the 'Production of soybean seeds' video

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