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Bulgarian Legumes Network

The Bulgarian Legumes Network (BGLN) is a flexible network of researchers, breeders, farmers and growers. BGLN activities include breeding of legumes varieties, development of sustainable agro technology for the created varieties which are adapted to Bulgaria-specific environmental conditions. Our wider activities are connected with processing and use of legumes as a feed and food and quality of final products. The permanent members of BGLN are:

Dobrudzha Agricultural Institute (DAI) General Toshevo has long term experience in the breeding and selection of grain legumes and the appropriate agro-techniques for their cultivation. Experimental Station for Soybean (ESS) Pavlikeni has both a scientific research and a seed production department of all Bulgarian soybean varieties. Institute of Forage Crops (IFC) Pleven is an unit involved in breeding and seed production of forage legume crops. AgroBioInstitute (ABI) is the leading scientific, research and advisory organisation, and coordinator of the BGL network.


Responsible organisation



Anelia Iantcheva


1164 Sofia, Blvd. Dragan Tzankov 8


Tel: +359 963 54 13 / +359 885 13 64 13

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