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German Soybean Association

The aim of the group is the improvement of cultivation and processing of soybeans in Germany. Since its beginnings in Baden-Württemberg (Southwest Germany) in 1980, the group has expanded to cover 11 federal states with intensified activities in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg. From the start, the association has organised excursions and annual meetings to share information and has published a guide for soybean cultivation with annually updates about cultivars and products for plant protection. It also proposes tests of new cultivars and connects the state institutes in charge of cultivar testing with specialised advisors. All information collected is public (by internet in recent years complementing articles in farming press). The group has more than 130 members: farmers (conventional and organic), advisors, agronomists, breeders and private individuals as well as companies (breeding, transformation into feed and food, cooperatives, machinery etc.).  It operates on the basis of information exchange drawing on long-term personal contacts.


Responsible organisation

Centre for Agricultural Technology Augustenberg (LTZ)


Jürgen Recknagel

Hochburg 1, 79312 Emmendingen


Tel: +49 7641 957890 10

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