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Practice Note 'Establishing high-yielding faba bean' available

'Establishing high-yielding faba bean - Exploiting high yield potential in north-west Europe' practice note written by partners from Seed Technology Ireland Ltd. (Seedtech) describes some of the key practices used in the establishment of these exceptionally high yielding crops.

Faba bean is especially well adapted to relatively heavy soils and cool conditions. The faba bean is therefore the grain legume of choice over much of northern Europe. Unlike cereals, the root system is not fibrous so faba bean is not well adapted to compacted soils. The yields of Irish faba bean crops are exceptionally high, often up to 8 tonnes/ha. These high yields are due to the Irish climate which is ideal for crop growth. Understanding the crop management practices used to exploit this high potential helps in improving production in Ireland and is relevant further afield.

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