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Practice Note 'Feeding quality of pea for poultry' available

'Feeding quality of pea for poultry' practice note written by partners from Landesbetrieb Landwirtschaft Hessen (LLH) gives an overview of the components and feed value of field pea and its use for poultry.

Pea complements cereal in the feed ration because of the high content of lysine. The feed value of pea for poultry is determined by the metabolisable energy for poultry and the digestibility of the amino acids. Depending on the animal type and rearing phase, white-flowering, light-coloured pea can be used for poultry up to 30% of the feed compound mixture. The feeding value must be determined for each batch of pea so that the use can be targeted. Field pea can be sold to compound feed producers. But on-farm use

gives a better return than can be achieved when sold to the market.

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From PN10 'Feeding quality of pea for poultry'

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