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Promote European legume & feed protein sector resilience

Aktualisiert: 5. Juni 2020

Legumes translated partner, Donau Soja, facilitates the protein transition process in Europe by promoting soya production and local supply chains in European countries. According to Donau Soja, the Corona Crisis has exposed Europe's lack of resilience in the feed protein sector, such as the Amazon fires made clear that we in Europe cannot continue to support deforestation in our supply chain for soya. Donau Soja has consistently argued for a protein transition and asks for support to promote legumes and protein production in the Green Deal and the CAP to:

  • Promote European legumes production

  • Develop partnership programs with Eastern European neighbours to develop a second supply chain within the EU

  • Boost research and development for European plant food and feed protein production, lower protein use and alternative protein sources

  • Make European imports deforestation-free and much more sustainable

  • Support diet change to sustainable animal and animal-free products 

With these pillars, Donau Soja has won support from 14 EU governments aligned in the Europe Soya Declaration. 

Attached is the information sheet developed by Donau Soja and the Austrian Development Agency, ‘EU livestock is hungry for a resilient protein supply’ in English and German. It explains why our Agri-food system is threatened by over-dependence on imports and what should and can be done to address ecological and supply chain stress in Europe, by Europe. It covers recent crises and food security, supply of basic foodstuffs, food industry’s weak spot, and tips to prepare for future crises.

Additionally, Donau Soja is hosting a virtual Field Trip to Ukraine on 9th June 2020. If you would like to learn more about the European soya production and their protein partnership program, please join.

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Info-sheet(EN)_EU livestock is hungry fo
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Matthias Krön, Donau Soja Managing Director, kroen(at)

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