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Soya: in the course of a year - Fourth Legumes Translated video published

The fourth Legumes Translated video, 'Soya: in the course of a year' is published on Legume Hub YouTube Channel. The video takes us from seed to harvest through soya germination, flowering, grain filling, ripening, and maturation. Soya experts provide practical tips for growing a successful soybean crop.

The video was produced by Legumes Translated partner, LTZ Augustenberg, as well as a fellow Germany Soybean Association member, Taifun-Tofu GmbH. It is available in German with English subtitles.

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Jürgen Recknagel, Leader Transition Network Soy, Secretary Actor Group German Soybean Association, juergen.recknagel(at)


Fourth Legumes Translated Video: 'Soya: in the course of a year'


From the 'Soya: in the course of a year' video

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