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Here you can find all videos regarding soya production. Further videos will be displayed here and on our YouTube channel.

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Toasting soya on your own farm

Soybeans are an excellent source of protein for human consumption as well as animal feed. However, they also contain digestive inhibitors which must be deactivated by heat treatment before consumption. The toasting of soybeans is a possible method for this. This video shows how the processing of soybeans works on the farm of Johannes Edhofer. He cultivates and processes the soy himself and feeds it to his laying hens on his farm. 

Mechanical weed control

Experts explain what must be considered in weed control when sowing your soybean crop: what measures need to be taken when, which machines need to be used and how, and much more.

Machine demonstration: Mechanical weed control

Mechanical weeding is one of the key elements of organic farming. It is particularly important in the cultivation of organic soybeans. This video shows the common machines for mechanical weed control.

Also available in French and German on YouTube.

Inoculation of soya seed
LTV021b_Thumb-Impfen (2).jpg

Experts describe what needs to be considered when inoculating soybeans before sowing, and discuss machines, inoculation technology and application scenarios.

Combine harvesting soybeans properly

The details of the soybean harvest explained in 8 minutes by experienced German cultivation consultants, from the time of harvesting to the setting of the combine harvester and machine operation.

Sowing of soybeans

Experts explain what needs to be considered when sowing soybeans and give tips on machinery, sowing distances, avoiding weeds, and much more. 

Soya: in the course of the year

In this video, we explain the development of the soya plant from germination to flowering and maturation.

Processing of soybeans: methods and tips

The soybean is an excellent source of protein as food and feed. However, it has digestive inhibitors. These must be deactivated by appropriate methods before consumption or feeding. This video presents the most common processing methods.

Production of soybeans

The use of high-quality seed is particularly important for the success of a soybean crop. In this video, the experts explain what to look for in soybean seed production.

1. Introduction

2. Seeding, location, and variety selection.

3. The right threshing

4. The quick soaking test to determine seed quality

5. The importance of crop management

6. The Diaporthe Phomopsis Complex

7. The preparation of the seed

8. Legal aspects

Legume protein from Brandenburg - trials on the cultivation potential of organic soya and lupins

Field trials on grain legumes have been conducted at the Leibniz Centre for Agricultural Landscape Research (ZALF) for many years. In this video, Moritz Reckling and Kathleen Karges give insights into their research on soybeans and various lupin species and present trials on the cultivation potential of these legumes in Brandenburg.

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