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Soy Network Switzerland

Recently, the Soy Network Switzerland gained strength in promoting organic soy production for human consumption within Switzerland with various projects and the involvement of the Coop supermarket chain. Activities are market-oriented (starting from breeding activities aiming to develop suitable varieties). The network involves the following actors:

  • FiBL, with a huge network of farmers and experience in on-farm research, conducting practical and participative research, trials and extension in arable crops over many years;

  • Agroscope, the Swiss State Agricultural Research Institute;

  • Delley Samen and Pflanzen AG, a seed producer;

  • Progana, Bio Ackerbauring Ostschweiz, organic producers’ associations or non associated organic producers;

  • Bio Suisse, the Swiss organic farmers association;

  • Mühle Rytz has been involved in organic products for many years and plays an important role in the development of organic arable crops.


These network partners are all involved with their capacities and expertise in this and other  projects aiming to establish and promote organic soy for feed and food from Switzerland. FiBL facilitates stakeholder meetings and the development of yearly workplans towards this objective.


Responsible organisation

Research Institute of Organic Agriculture FiBL


Matthias Klaiss

Research Institute of Organic Agriculture FiBL

Ackerstrasse 113, 5070 Frick


Tel: +41 62 865 72 08

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